About Grotli

"Squeezed" in between two National Parks, above the tree line, you find our historical and unique hotel.

You will find us East of, and just above, some of the most beautiful Fjords in Norway, and North-West of Jotunheimen and the traditional Gudbrandsdal region. Here you'll find remote surroundings, fresh water, waterfalls, dry and easily accessible trails for mountain hiking, many kilometers with gravel roads for cycling, undiscovered mountains, lakes with throut, peace and quiet.

From Grotli to Geiranger it is 40 km and from Grotli to Stryn it is 70 km. The National Road "Gamle Strynefjellsveien" starts just outside the hotel door and is open from mid June - mid September. Read more here:

The hotel was built in 1905 and even if it has been extended and modernized many times through the years, it is still easy to feel, see and touch the history from back then. Todays owners are 5th generation of the Bergheim family, who stated this adventure almost 120 years ago. Come visit us, and be a part of the history!

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Where is Grotli?

From Oslo, take E6 north to Otta and turn west on RV15. By car it will take you approx. 5 hrs from Oslo to Grotli.

From Geiranger, 40 km and one hour drive (very curved and steep road)

From Stryn, 70 km and one hour drive up the beautiful Hjelle valley. The stunning, scenic National Road "Old Strynefjellsvei" is open from mid June to September, but you can always drive RV 15 through the tunnels to Grotli.

From Bergen to Grotli take E39, then FV60 before you take R15 from Stryn to Grotli. This trip takes about 6 hrs drive.

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Grotli ca 1935

An interesting history

Grotli Høyfjellshotell was built in 1905. If you come visiting us, you will see our 120 years history in pictures and interior, spread out in all hotel. Welcome!

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